1. Make sure that the site on which you want to build part of the detailed urban plan (secretariat of planning and spatial planning and environment) 

2. If so, it is necessary that the secretariat for planning and spatial development and environmental protection , contact the urban - technical conditions (legal deadline for issuing the requirements is 30 days);

3. By suggestions of urban-technical conditions it is necessary to design conceptual solution;

4. Conceptual design should be approved by main state architect in ministry of tourism and sustainable development (if city has the main city architect, then you should ask him/she for approval , if the type of the object is under control of local goverment, in accordance with article 172 of the law on spatial planning and construction);

5. After approval of conceptual design, it is necessary to sign a contract for payment of communal equipment fee, with agency for construction and development of podgorica ltd.