Decision on determination of construction land which can be disposed of in 2016, for the construction of facilities anticipated in the planning documents. 


Financial incentives adopted by this decision are:


1. Giving land to use for a period of up to 30 years free of charge


2. The release of the obligation to pay compensation for urban construction land, provided that the investor at his own expense carry out utility outfitting locations, in accordance with the Decision on fees for urban construction land;


3. The release of the obligation to pay the annual fee for use of municipal roads in the area of business for 5 years;


4. Exemption from property tax for 5 years, in accordance with the Decision on Property Tax


Decree on fostering direct investments

Decree on fostering direct investments defines financial incentives for new investments in Montenegro and it aims to improve the business environment and increase the competitiveness of the state economy.


The act tends to attract new investors, increase employment, especially in the less developed areas of Montenegro, as well as balancing regional differences. Through the provision of adequate incentives will directly affect the investment decisions of potential investors who are considering to position themselves in the market of Montenegro.


Funds for encouraging investments are allocated on the basis of a public announcement and that for investment projects whose minimum investment value of 500,000 euro and to ensure open at least 20 new jobs within three years from the date of conclusion of the agreement on the use of funds. Incentives for new job is from 3000 to 10000 €. In addition, the capital investment of more than 10 million that create at least 50 new jobs, incentives may be granted up to 17% of the investment. The Decree also provides for the possibility of reimbursement of the cost of building the infrastructure necessary for the realization of the investment project.


According to Decree on fostering direct investments, foreign investor can be the beneficiary of funds if it establish a business in Montenegro.


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