1.Urban parcels in DUP “Service-storage zone with marshalling yard” area of the project plan is 151,26 hectares, and the total area of urban land that is the subject of this decision is approximately 32,1 hectares.


2. Urban parcels in DUP “Agroindustrial zone”

Area of the project plan is 43,39 hectares and the total area od parcels that are subject of this decision is about 17,5 hectares.



3. Business zones in DUP „Industrial Zone A”


Surface intervention plan is 219,05 hectares, and the total area of parcels that are the subject of this decision is about 131,6 ha.


    The business zones reffered to in Article 2 of this Decision the business entities can perform the following activities:


    1. agriculture, forestry, fisheries,
    2. agro-industry (small agribusiness and trade, processing of milk and dairy products, milling pekaraska industry, production of biscuits and confectionery, tobacco distribution storage, processing of fruit and vegetables, production of alcohol and bezalakoholonih beverages, ready meals, meat and meat products, discount sales of meat and smoked meat products),
    3. manufacturing (food processing, textile, tobacco, leather and footwear industry, light chemical industry, pulp and paper, metallurgy, mechanical industry, electrical industry, printing industry, building industry, wood industry),
    4. transport, storage and refrigeration,
    5. information and communication,
    6. professional, scientific and technical activities,
    7. warehouses open, semi-open and closed,
    8. operating plant processing, finishing, packing and expedition,
    9. showrooms,
    10. goods distribution centers,
    11. manufacturing trades,
    12. economic facilities and
    13. service activities.